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Roundabouts, here comes the news that changes traffic: it's a revolution

Roundabouts, here comes the news that changes traffic: it's a revolution

The way we deal with roundabouts is bound to change, and it is good to know this to avoid encountering accidents that can also have serious consequences.

For some time now, we have noticed in most cities and beyond how roundabouts have replaced traffic lights, seeing them as a useful tool to reduce queues and sort traffic more quickly. Standing in line waiting for the traffic light to turn green can actually result in a huge waste of time, especially for those who realize they are running late and have time to get to their destination.

The way we deal with roundabouts is set to change –

Despite this, there are those who do not like roundabouts and consider them dangerous, especially because often, in a hurry, someone does not give way as they should. However, this behavior should be completely avoided not only to avoid facing a fine, but also because it can cause very serious accidents if you cannot brake in time.

Roundabouts: This is what will change

Not everyone likes negotiating roundabouts, especially if they have little driving experience. In fact, some especially fear multi-lane roads, found mainly in large cities, which are built this way to sort through traffic more quickly during peak hours.

However, it is not uncommon to see someone crossing from one lane to another without thinking about oncoming cars Without taking into account how dangerous this behavior is to everyone. This happens not only if one realizes that one has taken the wrong path (in which cases it would not be permissible), but especially on the part of those who He feels forced to act as he sees fit, regardless of others.

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The roundabout changes traffic
Respecting the right of way at roundabouts is essential –

But now, it seems that the tipping point is truly near thanks to a change that few expected, but which will be truly revolutionary. In fact, what could be defined as “turbo rotors” is on the way.Designed to be able to Increase the level of security When driving on the road, it is certainly not possible to allow everyone to accelerate, as one might think from the name.

Unlike the “traditional” ones equipped with multiple tracks in this case There will be raised lane dividers, specially designed to prevent people from changing lanes in an uncontrolled manner. Another change will affect the road leading to these types of roundabouts, which are designed to direct drivers to the correct lanes even before they reach the intersection. Once they reach the relevant point, they can simply follow their path around the circle and end up at the correct exit.

Where we will see them

Anyone who thinks turbo rotors are destined to become a “business” that we'll have to deal with almost every day will be sadly disappointed. In fact, for the time being at least, this innovation will not matter to Italy, Although it can have positive effects.

The first to try it will be people who find themselves traveling near Hollister, California, We will try to improve movement at the intersection of Routes 25 and 156 in San Benito. Construction began in the summer of 2022, and the third lane was opened to traffic last month. The hope is to dramatically reduce accidents at a point where they prove to be a real problem.

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In the United States, there are those who have already had the opportunity to find out what turbo rotors are. The first is actually opening in 2022 in Jacksonville, Florida. And based on the studies carried out, all vehicles will benefit: in fact, the aisles are designed to be so wide that they allow even multi-trailer transport trucks to travel easily.

The direction seems to have been taken anyway, Soon the number is scheduled to increaseWho knows, maybe soon our country will also decide to follow this example.