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Rockstar Games co-founder expects big changes -

Rockstar Games co-founder expects big changes –

Jimmy King, one Rockstar Games founders, who has been out of the company for a long time, thinks so GTA 6 She will have a goddess big changes Compared to the standard format of the series, and therefore it will be different from GTA 5 and all other seasons.

according to King The most notable change will be a change in the tone of the series, who may not want to make fun of America and its citizens, and thus become more serious. The reason for the new features that will be introduced in the game is simple: the massive success of GTA 5 and above all GTA Online.

King: “I wouldn’t be surprised by a change of tone, as the new one has become less exciting and fun. I think there’s an opportunity for them to do something cheesy, which they haven’t done before. Maybe not even. I repeat: there is a beautiful car that can only be broken with great effort. Given the success of GTA 5, GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, I think everything will be fine. But I think culturally, within the company, both Rockstar North and Rockstar New York have blamed the lack of Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser. Yes, things are definitely different.

Of course King’s words are no longer those of Rockstar Games. Of course, his level of knowledge of the company and his background and background internal communication, which he will certainly retain, it is difficult not to consider it an interesting source, even when speculating. For the rest of GTA 6 it is still a mystery and maybe it will be until the game is introduced.

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