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Rihanna is America's youngest self-made billionaire

Rihanna is America’s youngest self-made billionaire

According to Forbes, Rihanna is America’s youngest billionaire, ranking her at number 21, behind women much older than her and divas like Kim Kardashian. The singer also built her empire entirely on her own, and this is an added value to the magazine.

Like every year Forbes Compiles the ranking of America’s richest people and names of famous people Rihanna. The pop star, according to the magazine, should be understood among the richest young millionaires in America, who managed to acquire their wealth entirely on their own, without settling on family estates or other assets. The singer is the founder of the brand Fenty BeautyIt was at 21st place.

Rihanna’s wealth isn’t just music

The richest woman on the list is 75-year-old Diane Hendricks and co-founder of a construction-related empire, while the youngest is undoubtedly Rihanna, 34, followed by Kim Kardashian by several years. 41. The real wealth of the singer does not come from the world of music, from which she still has a considerable income, but from her makeup and skin care line, precisely Fendi Beauty which is only in 2020, no doubt thanks to the pandemic and the lockdown, which has 550 million dollars in its coffers. When it arrived, it added a significant amount to collections by intimate clothing line or Savage x Fenty, although it only had 30% ownership.

Rihanna is a self-made billionaire

Forbes also added an estimate that not only depends on the actual income that individual characters receive each year, but also takes into account the ways in which this wealth was achieved. As for Rihanna, in fact, she was given a good 10, a vote given to “self-made billionaires” or those who built a real empire with their own hands (including business), but the singer contacted the New York Times and was not going to settle: “I will continue to work and will not let that stop me.

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