Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Noel Djokovic wins the case: he stays in Melbourne and plays


Judge Kelly lifted the arrest of the number 1 player in the world who will be released immediately and will be able to start training. However, the federal government can overturn the decision

‘Unreasonable decision’ With these words Judge Kelly decided that Novak Djokovic should remain on Australian soil. Thus, the number 1 in the world has won his battle for the time being and will be able to leave Terrible Park HotelHe was “arrested” and began preparing for the Australian Open in Melbourne, which he will try to win for the tenth time in his career.

Free in 30 minutes

After a comment that should have been much longer, with the sentence set at 8pm Australia, 10am in Italy, Judge Kelly read out the report ordering to overturn the decision of the Australian Border Force officer who had rescinded the visa. By Djokovic, ordering his release within 30 minutes. The judge ordered the immediate return of the passport and personal belongings to No. 1 in the world. The judge’s defense states that “if Djokovic had had more time to consult his lawyer, he would have responded more clearly to the border forces”.

Possible developments

But it may not be over yet as Australia’s central government can overturn a judge’s decision to remove the Serbian hero’s passport again. “There is no indication that the plaintiff (Djokovic, editor) developed a severe acute illness in December when he tested positive.” This is what we read in the written memo provided by Home Secretary Karen Andrews that emphasized how a judge should rule in Djokovic’s favour, Officials can cancel his visa again.

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