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Reveal “Have fun and secrets”

Reveal “Have fun and secrets”

Claude Palmeiro, The historical accountant of the sovereign family of the Principality of Monaco, obtains Prince Albert With him “Secret notebooks.” He was fired after more than twenty years of service in June 2023 on charges of embezzlement, the Monaco Kings' asset manager has revealed. the world Contents of the accounting books, to introduce some of the “crazy and extravagant expenses” of the very rich country.

The fired accountant takes revenge

From January 2001 to June 2023, Claude Palmeiro was manager of the ruling family's assets in the Principality of Monaco, then relations with Monaco deteriorated so much that he was fired. A decision made by Prince Albert of Monaco and royalty, which shocked the 67-year-old who was also Accused of embezzlement.

Palmeiro, who had always defended himself by declaring his innocence, repeating that he had never “taken a dime,” retaliated. In fact, he published “secret notebooks” in which he meticulously recorded every request from the family and every action on his behalf over the years.

A small book full of details, and the crazy and extravagant expenses of the Kings of Monaco who the world It will be published in a series of four episodes entitled “Monaco, secret notebooks“.

Trying to limit the crazy spending of Prince Albert of Monaco

Palmeiro's notebooks, as mentioned, are full of details about the economic life of the principality, a very small but very rich country, where anything is possible. The same could have been the case for Prince Albert and his sisters, Carolina and Stefania, if the accountant had not put an end to some of them. Expenses defined as crazy.

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In fact, Palmeiro wrote down all the strange movements over the years in notebooks, and he also made notes that needed to be remembered. What did he do for the kings and what did they respond to him?.

One of the strange movements, for example, is buyingAlberto's engagement ring for CharleneIt was initially included in the principality's expenses and was “separated” thanks to the intervention of Palmeiro, who proposed that the prince pay for the valuable item from his own pocket and then receive direct payment. but also A cook pays 300 euros a day With “undeclared funds” and Maid in black.

But there are also unusual requests, such as requesting that several real estate assets purchased in France be registered in her name, for example Escape from French taxes. In short, the boundaries between the emirate's financial resources and personal expenditures are blurred.

Who is Claude Palmeiro?

Claude Palmeiro, 67, has been CEO for more than twenty yearsAsset Manager for the Royal Family of Monaco.

His role began on 10 January 2001, when he took over from his father Andre, who had died suddenly and had himself been an asset manager under Prince Ranieri. After becoming Albert of Monaco's trusted man, Palmeiro held Monaco's assets in “custody” until his dismissal.

In addition to publishing the notebooks, Palmeiro also decided to address the European Court of Human Rights.

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