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What is known about the mysterious confiscation

What is known about the mysterious confiscation

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A mystery swirling in RAI: ​​where did the famous astrologer go? Here’s what happened in the past few days

There is a mystery, with something disturbing in it, hovering over the mother RAI: ​​but what happened to her Paulo Fox The most famous astrologer on Italian TV, from your facts? These are days of apprehension on the part of fans (yes, Paulo Fox has a fan base, especially on Facebook) about the fate of the zodiac expert. But let’s try to understand together what happened in the past hours.

The week began on Monday, January 24th, with Paulo Fox’s first unexplained absence from I Fatty Fostry. Therefore, the most eager viewers had to do without star expectations. The problem, however, is that traces of the mine were lost until yesterday, Tuesday 25 January. It was hoped, at some point, that the reassuring face of Paulo Fox would once again appear on our screens, and instead nothing. Paulo Fox was also absent from today’s episode, Wednesday, January 26.

Three tests provide evidence, then? Let’s say it’s at this point in the project to be suspicious. But the mystery itself does not end there, because it is not Fox’s absence that is troubling, but rather the lack of explanations at all. In fact, everything is silent on the part of RAI and above all from the conductors, except thin e Anna Falchi.

Usually we would have expected at least the presenters of the program to comment on the absence of the beloved astrologer, detailing why he was not in the broadcast. Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about her. The presenters pretended that nothing had happened for three days in a row, which left us with many questions and doubts.

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Given the situation we’re still seeing because of the Covid-19 emergency, however, we thought there would come a possible announcement of the positivity of the mine, or an indication of the fact that, for example, he was quarantined for a safety term. But in this second case, there was nothing to prevent Paulo Fox from being on the broadcast, for example, through a link from home. Rather nothing at all.

Instead, the case of Mr. . was resolved Stefano Palatrice, Who, after his absence last Monday, returned to the studio in an FFP2 mask. As it happened recently Serena BurtonEven the musician has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus in recent days and has therefore been forced to respect the current live health protocol.