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Rientro dallo spazio della capsula Crew Dragon. E' ammarata in California

Return from space for the Crew Dragon capsule. Landed in California

(PRIMAPRESS) – Florida (USA) – The four astronauts, three Americans and a Japanese, who left the International Space Station case on board the SpaceX shuttle last night, have returned to Earth after 160 days in space. They landed off Florida. The Crew Dragon capsule detached from the International Space Station at the scheduled time (20:35 EST), for a return to Earth flight that would take about six and a half hours. The landing took place around 8.50 AM ET. “We have trained to retrieve the crews day and night,” he reassured Steve Stitch, head of NASA’s commercial flight program, shortly before leaving the capsule. Now, SpaceX ships have already spotted 4 parachutes landing. The Americans Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Japanese Soishi Noguchi were the first astronauts on an “operational” mission last November, who were transported to the International Space Station by NASA’s partner Elon Musk. Two Americans already made a round trip aboard the Dragon in 2020, during a two-month test mission on the International Space Station. – (PRIMAPRESS)

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