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Resident Income, 300 reported for fraud in Cagliari

Resident Income, 300 reported for fraud in Cagliari

there Cagliari police condemned 300 people who received citizenship income. They are foreigners They were falsely told that they were eligible for benefits And, through Cafs or the Italian Post Office, they send the relevant application to INPS. The suspects have been accused of misappropriating the subsidy since 2019.

It was found that The suspects obtained a total of more than 8 million euros by providing false self-certifications.. Condemned persons were immediately reported to INPS for withdrawal of benefits. The Social Security Agency will now initiate procedures to recover illegally obtained amounts: 600 euros, on average, was the amount the suspects pocketed each month. To obtain citizenship income, they falsely self-certify that they hold a long-term residence permit or have lived in Italy for at least ten years, the last two being consecutive.

was also discovered Some of the accused came to Italy specifically to ask for income, were received with false declarations and returned to their home countries Carrying a post office credit card loaded monthly. The flying squad’s investigations began about eight months ago when the immigration office at police headquarters evaluated the applications of those who applied for residence permits in our country and found that many were resident income earners. The suspects are from North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South America and the Balkans. A further 200 posts of foreigners residing in the province of Cagliari, receiving citizenship income and applying for residence permits to police headquarters, are being examined by investigators.