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Angelo D'Ugo, A New Journey to America and Two Secret Dreams - Gallery

Angelo D’Ugo, A New Journey to America and Two Secret Dreams – Gallery

wide- Angelo D’Ugo He walked hundreds of kilometers alone, he explored the whole world in a sailboat: very attentive readers zoneThey certainly remember A video interview we recordedWhen the Doctor wins “Pilgrim Proof” of the project “Path of Peace”.

D’Ugo recently returned from United States of Americato throw “A Pebble in the Pond” And try to do something special.

“I went to America – explains D’Ugo – to meet a very dear friend I met on a boat. I went there to lay the foundation to realize some dreams that I carry with me”.

After so much sea, even the mountains are beautiful. Actually, I went to Mt Washington, in New Hampshire, the climate is very variable. It took me – he continues – even two weeks to find the best conditions to climb the mountain and get to the top”.

Now I am laying the foundation for two dreams: the first is called Sailing Doctor. All these are from my experience in IndonesiaI found an island that had been hit by an earthquake, an island that – remember – did not even have the basic conditions for civilized living as we understand it today, and above all there was not a single track. landing This is clearly a problem for relief, which can only come by sea with all the extended time that inevitably exists”.

“There are about forty people (doctors, nurses, cooks, etc.) from every country in the world, and we want to dedicate part of our time to helping others. Therefore, Angelo continues – we must get ourselves a boat, or even better a catamaran (more stable and suitable for our purpose) and build a real floating clinic. To do this, an international organization is needed, and I went to the states precisely because it is easier to lay the foundations for this project at the bureaucratic level. I met a lawyer who was working hard for this first step of my dream News coming soon”.

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“My second dream is to find one Collocation for Plastic Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and ten times larger than Sicily. I wondered if it was possible to compact this plastic with a ‘glue’ to make larger blocks that are easier to transport; Or build a small health facility on top of it. In Italy – he underlines – a similar experiment has already been carried out, but with a smaller amount of plastic. I went to university with my friend Harvard I met the chemistry teacher Tommy is the king After a few minutes of silence, he said, ‘Let me think,’ and gave me the contacts of people who might be interested in this story.

“I like to use expressions that are not mine and then make them a part of me. So I can say that – he concludes with a laugh (ed.) – I threw a pebble into the pond. I don’t know what will happen, I hope there is no tsunami”.

D’Ugo (right) with Professor Tommy King (centre) and his friend (left)