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Small and defenseless?  This is the real face of ants

Small and defenseless? This is the real face of ants

Ants are everywhere. According to a study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Hong Kong, the number of ants in the world will be around the world 20 million billion Of the samples, a number that is difficult to imagine. About 2.5 million for every person living on this planet. Always considered small and defenseless insects, now thanks to the amazing shot of fLithuanian designer Eugenius Kavaliauskas We also see their real faces. In particular, the photo shows an ant belonging to the genus Camponotus which includes two species, Ligniperda and Herculeanus known as “digger ants” and “Hercules ants”. The impressive and almost frightening close-up image, obtained by magnifying an ant’s face five times under a 10x microscope, was rendered in 4The 8th Nikon Small World Micro Photography CompetitionWhere he received one of the awards such as “Excellence image 2022The appearance of the ant has remained the same, but thanks to some details added by the photographer, the shot has become more impactful, and thus went viral on social media. In particular, the two red dots resembling infernal eyes are nothing but the bases of the ant’s antennae. In fact, the eyes are located In the back, surrounded by image shading.

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