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"Real Zaragoza's best baseball game"

“Real Zaragoza’s best baseball game”

What is the difference between competitions in Spain, Italy and the United States?

– It’s very curious, because I played very little in Spain, only eight matches. In Italy I was fortunate enough to participate a lot and ended up being a champion. America is another story. The main difference is the level and presence of aliens. Leagues in Europe, for example, are saved by the presence of Latino players, which raises their quality. Without them, it probably wouldn’t be possible to continue playing.

The network of magazines in the United States is almost incomprehensible.

There are many tournaments and all of them are of a high standard. I’m in the so-called Not VeteranWhich was overtaken by four other competitions. Last year I was in the Dominican, but I managed to rise in this category. My goal is to continue to grow and reach the highest level possible.

Are you happy with your three years in the North American Championships?

The first year was complicated, but I was calm because I knew I had a secure contract for another year. With the quarantine break I went to Italy to continue playing. I am happy with the progress and I believe they will continue to count on me so that I can continue to grow and advance in the tournament.

– He is the only Spaniard in American competitions. Do you take it as a responsibility?

There’s another guy in the Dominican League, but I’m on my own in the States. One of my reasons is to show the quality of Spanish players and to know in Spain that I have a high level and that I deserve to join the national team. I don’t like putting more pressure on myself and I don’t need it.

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– How do you rate the situation of baseball in Spain?

– In these two years I don’t know if the epidemic has not grown anything. I think the good work is still going on and until a few years ago the level in Spain was very good. We hope that the situation that has prevailed for some time will recover and the players who are away will be able to return to help the sport continue to grow.

– Among baseball’s many, he falls in love with Real Zaragoza.

– My stepfather is from Zaragoza and he told us about the team, but not much. I went to Romareda once, I had so much fun but I didn’t leave Spain until the feeling with the team grew. What I feel now is incredible.

How far does this team go crazy?

– I started in a match against Lorca and it was an unimportant match but the stadium was full. This is what distinguishes me. On my arms I have a striped Pilar tattoo with the words “A thousand flags will wave” and on the ribs “Nobility and Courage”. It’s something I feel and am very proud of.

Baseball or Real Zaragoza?

I don’t watch baseball, it bores me, I love to play it, I prefer Zaragoza, which is my passion. It’s a completely different feeling. I think this happens to many athletes, who spend so many hours with our sport that we are tired of it. I will always be with Real Zaragoza, attentive to everything I do and I hope that the promotion can finally be achieved.