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Pirlo tranquillo come Ceferin? La Superlega è la morte del calcio, i tifosi le uniche vittime

Quiet Pirlo like Ceferin? The Premier League is the death of football, and the fans are the only victims

Don’t worry, we won’t be in the Super League: let’s work together for the next Champions League. Don’t worry, we’re not going to change the coach: we’ve started a project and we believe in it. There are two phrases, hypothetical but not many, that Andrea Agnelli might have uttered. In essence, he will have done so on more than one occasion, perhaps not with the same words. In one case against Uefa President Aleksandr Ceferin. On the other hand, to the title of Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo. What then is quiet in popular wisdom is almost always a bad ending, so you should stay at the bell, but that’s another story. Back to us, why should one sentence be more truthful than the other? Everything to discover. The moral of the story, given the number of times that first-placed Juventus has not told the truth, in private but also specifically in several public statements, about his intentions in the Premier League, is that Pirlo could start some thorns in his future in Black and white colors. Also because starting with an inexperienced coach is a good thing in a tournament I won for nine years in a row; If you offer yourself to lead the elite in European football, the situation changes a little.

Premier League, we can’t talk about anything else. Twelve clubs decided it was time to break the delay and announce, in a hasty and still embryonic fashion, what they were accused of preparing for years ago. Many Juventus fans will disagree, but if it becomes a reality, it will be a soccer tombstone. At least about what we’ve known (and love) so far. I’m not romantic: the nostalgic balloon was buried the day the First Shepherd bought his space on a T-shirt. Nor is it a story of good versus evil. There are no coupons here. UEFA is the same body that has played double standards with Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. He wants to keep the money for himself. Likewise, the twelve clubs are not villains who plan to hit everyone else’s ball. She simply deserves more and does not see this recognized status. Moreover, they have water in their throats from a financial point of view, and therefore they are trying to save themselves. They just do it the wrong way.

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From this point of view, the announcement came after Juventus lost for the first time in the past 20 years against the “hated” Atalanta (but not so much in the market). The problem with the Premier League is that if it entered its full capacity, such a thing would not be possible. And not that because Atalanta will not be able to beat Juventus or which Juventus will participate in the national championship (if it is allowed and awarded), but because no one will care anymore. There will be Juventus – Real Madrid to watch regularly, who cares about everything else. Defect? Ignore the history of football, which is the popular game par excellence and has become the sport of the whole world because everyone can dream about winning something. The problem that Annelie raised some time ago, the problem of younger generations who are no longer fond of football, still persists. This is not the solution: soccer players are becoming increasingly inaccessible stars, and it is not by creating a real-life video game that the passion will be reborn again. If I have to get into a video game, I have the Playstation. There is a poem, in Football for Everyone, that has been lost over the years, due to UEFA and also to all other institutions (starting with nation states, regardless of the difficulties and disparities in their home country) that have allowed access to this. Goal. Giving her the coup will not improve the situation. As for the nod to the great American sports, it is a red herring. The NBA and other major American leagues have a different upbringing and above all a social class completely unknown to the big ball buzzy players. This is a war between the nobles who are no longer wealthy, a fight for money. Who knows how one certainty will end: the victims will be the cheerleaders. These are among the great Italian squares, which are equal to half the table at most in the Premier League today. The best is Juventus, who in the past three years have come out against Ajax, Valencia and Lyon. Inter did worse, the presence of Milan (the last great time ten years ago not even in Europe) testifies that sporting merit has nothing to do with this project. But above all, lovers of many small Italian facts. Forget the full stadiums around Italy for the arrival of the big player. If you are passionate about Juventus because you might have seen it for the first time when you were five against your hometown team, then the Super League is bad news for all of you. we.

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