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"I said it was flu, for a year I was stuck between hospital treatments and oxygen at home. Take it today? Fatal": Filippo Tawil Covid

“I said it was flu, for a year I was stuck between hospital treatments and oxygen at home. Take it today? Fatal”: Filippo Tawil Covid

“So it’s just a fever,” “so it passes,” “it affects the elderly,” are phrases we have said in many, even Filippo Saguna. Today, he is one of those “ghosts”, he says – neither positive, nor dead, nor asymptomatic – who has contracted the virus Completely changed your life. The so-called long Covid patients. A public servant with a passion for Vespas, a hobby from which many projects have emerged, and today Filippo remains ill. For a year, she was battling severe symptoms, aches, breathing difficulties, memory problems, mood swings, and above all, oxygen to face the days. Rehabilitation days in the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit coordinated by Dr. Filippo Sarulu, from Buccheri La Ferla Fatebenefratelli Hospital, the treatments and the role of many experts to understand if and when he will recover.

Filippo, who has not been able to get vaccinated due to his health, says it is a “damned predicament” in which he also fears leaving the house “because having the virus would be fatal for me”. Filippo fell ill at a time when there was no vaccine yet, when the coronavirus was still dying in ambulances, in a region like Sicily, where there is still significant resistance to vaccination today. But he who wants it cannot have it, at least according to some opinions. Even in this regard, in fact, the doctors he heard are divided. “It’s a new pathology – confirms Sarullo – from whom we learn to know the post-acute phase, the consequences, even serious, which can affect up to 40% of Covid patients. “For a year, the virus has brought many things with it in Filippo’s life. Even the certainty of normalcy , which also consists of smiles and games with children, which are difficult today.

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