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Toro Juventus, Labo Elkann and teased him as deaf: "You are not..."

Toro Juventus, Labo Elkann and teased him as deaf: “You are not…”

Turin – Labo Elkanfamily descendant Aneli and brother JohnIn the evening, President Exor tweeted his harassment of his cousins Toro: “We’re sorry” Books, join video Alberto Sordi, in a role Marquis del GrilloAs his famous phrase says, “And you are not c…”. Always on social media, Giorgio Kellini shouting with glee: “Winning a match is really exciting, winning a derby like this is extraordinary!” As a defense chief who needed to go back to the old and rediscover ancient truths. “Keep it up” Giorgione adds. Continuity, here’s the magic word. Of the results, with the third consecutive success in the league. And undefeated defense ability.

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Toro Juventus seen from social media, all the funny ironies

Juventus on social media

Good news for cheerful, from this point of view, there is: after twenty consecutive championships, the door Chisney He remained undefeated. ‘It’s a good sign’ Max admits. The Bianconeri interrupted the negative series and created the first clean sheet in Serie A of the season. This was also an expected step in the process of rebirth of the new Juventus after the great difficulties at the beginning of the year, given that in Champions League The turning point was already: two games and two victories, with Malmo NS Chelsea, but above all, zero goals were conceded in just one hundred and eighty minutes Bavaria Monaco NS Benfica They have managed to do so far.

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Locatelli wins the Turin derby: Juventus Allegri wins again

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Locatelli wins the Turin derby: Juventus Allegri wins again, play for free, predict and win!

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