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Scorn Won't Support DirectStorage on PC, Ebb Software Denial Comes -

Scorn Won’t Support DirectStorage on PC, Ebb Software Denial Comes –

Contrary to what was previously announced, mockery will not support DirectStorage on me computer, but only on Xbox Series X | S. The announcement came a few days after its launch, from Ebb Software’s official Twitter account, which apologized for sharing incorrect information earlier.

In fact, in September, the same profile announced that Scorn would also exploit DirectStorage on PC, making it the first ever to support this technology.

“There was a misunderstanding on my part and I got my answer wrong. To confirm, DirectStorage is available via Xbox only! I apologize for the confusion,” the message from the official Scorn Twitter profile manager.

DirectStorage is a technology for DirectX 12, which allows you to bypass the CPU by making NVMe SSDs communicate directly with the GPU and VRAM. This way the processor has less workload and greatly increases frame rate and faster load times.

Contempt will be available starting from 14 October 2022 It will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog since launch. Pre-download is already available, here’s the time to unlock the game on PC and Xbox Series X | S.

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