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Barbara D'Urso in Sicily: selfie with shocking expletive |  Caught like that

Barbara D'Urso in Sicily: selfie with shocking expletive | Caught like that

Barbara D'Urso – Source: Mediaset video screenshot –

You should always be careful when taking a selfie and posting it on social media, because “the eye does not see, and the camera does not forgive.” Barbara Durso will certainly never forget this education.

Barbara D'Urso stayed a few months isolated From the world after it was Launched by Mediaset. Of course, regardless of everything, motives, empathy, etc., it will not be easy for her Say goodbye Has, Afternoon 5If we believe that the program was born with the presenter.

Now, things seem to be as they are become Return to normal life and Barbarella appears more “out there”. From what we can see on her social channels, the broadcaster has arrived Sicily“That selfie leaves no room for doubt, even if it is.”Oath word“Leaving everyone speechless. Let's find out better what happened.

Portrait of “The Bad Word” by Barbara D'Urso

Barbara DursoUntil the end of the year, he will not be able to work on television, according to his contract with Mediaset It will expire that day. So for now, he's focusing on himself Theatrical careerBut we are sure that after that date we will hear about Carmelita again on the small screen. There are rumors that they like it or not opinion the South Channel 9 With a program very similar to its old program, Afternoon 5.

Of course they are All rumoursTo be sure of Durso's future work, we will have to wait a few more days. Meanwhile, her replacement, Mirta Merlino, was keen to point out, in a recent interview, that there would be no relationship between her and Barbara. Comparison or hatredSpecifying: “I believe that work always pays off, it speaks more than anything else… I will say what I think… I have no hidden thoughts…”

Barbara D'Urso in Sicily

Barbara Durso and the owner of the cheese shop – Source: Instagram –

A word that makes you smile

Barbara DursoLike we said, it went down Sicily On this occasion, she was immortalized in A Cute selfietogether with What is with you From the cheese shop he was helping himself to. The details that Carmelita may have missed but not her followers, who are always very attentive, are “Dirty floorWhich appears on yard From the merchant.

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In fact, if we understand correctly, this word is nothing but “the”. family name Of their owners or in any case name From the store. So there is nothing unwanted or of SergeantIt was just… Nice play on words. Who knows if Barbarella got one too after seeing it He laughs Like his fans on social media?