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Liquid methane: Here is the real footage of the landing of the Huygens probe to Titan!


Titanium It is the largest moon Saturn It is an extraordinary world. It’s bigger than the planet Mercurio It is second in size (compared to all other satellites) after the satellite Ganymede Jupiter. Titan, of all the satellites in the solar system, is also the only one with an atmosphere Dense It consists mainly of nitrogen, like Earth, but with a higher surface pressure 50%. It is also the only celestial body, besides Earth, known to have liquid rivers, lakes and seas on its surface. The difference is that it mainly consists of Methane Mr. Dr Ethane. Clouds associated with rain form Hydrocarbons: A real cycle like the water cycle on our planet.

Even an ocean of water

The largest seas are hundreds of meters deep and hundreds of kilometers wide. Under the thick crust of water ice, Titanium It hides an ocean consisting mainly of water. This place may be suitable to host life as we know it, while its lakes and seas are shallow Liquid hydrocarbons They can support life that uses different chemistry than we are used to. Landing Higgins It landed directly on Titan in 2015, confirming everything that was supposed. Below is a video of the descent (we recommend turning on subtitles).

source: NASAcover image credit Eric Karkoschka, DISR Team, University of Arizona

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