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Prevention is done with probiotics

Prevention is done with probiotics

Our mouth is home to many microorganisms, whether positive or pathogenic. But the continuous and targeted intake of probiotics can be considered a valid way to improve the oral health, and in general of the whole organism.

in our area Mouth live billions of Microorganismsafter the colon is actually the richest area in bacteria And the yeastsable to nourish itself by releasing molecules that are beneficial to us, but also to reproduce in order to avoid the reproduction of other species harmful to the body.

Our mouth, also known as the oral cavity, buccal cavity or oral cavity in Latin, forms the outer end of the alimentary canal or digestive system and consists of two areas, the vestibule and the oral cavity itself.

The oral cavity contains the tongue and teeth and includes the outer part, or lips. Buccal bacterial flora are present in oral mucosa Its purpose above all is to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and fungi that can harm the body.

But leftovers can give birth Tartar, plaque and tooth decay. Many underestimate the role probiotics can play in keeping this sensitive area of ​​our bodies healthy.

Potential benefits of probiotics in the oral cavity

Oral cavity: prevention is done with probiotics
Supplementing with probiotics has many benefits for gut health; In fact, they help control certain bacteria, particularly lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

The positive effects of probiotics are many. First of all, normalize the intestinal flora. Second, modify the file immune response; And finally the proven metabolic effects. In short, the mouth can benefit from probiotics just like Intestine.

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The probiotics They stimulate competition for adhesion sites, aggregation, competition for substrate nutrients and growth factors, and the production of antimicrobial compounds such as some acids.

Probiotics are able to develop real hostility towards pathogens that with the primary local and systemic immune response reduce inflammation and prevent tissue destruction.
Therefore, probiotics should be taken at every stage of our lives regardless of age and lifestyle to fully enjoy their benefits.