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PostePay and unauthorized deduction: Refund request

PostePay and unauthorized deduction: Refund request

PostePay, many reports of unauthorized fees, here’s how to get a fair refund

PostePay (web)

This is not a good time for Poste Italiane card managers, PostePay. after, after The scam that put the account at risk From several users, the protest has been going on for days, from other customers with their reports. They are allegedly worried shipment not authorized on your card.

Officially, the authorization comes through Google Play, so there is a fee of 4-5 euros from time to time. But if no one asks for things that justify the fees from the Android platform, is there a refund? Let’s find out.

PostePay, in which cases a refund is possible

We assume that it is not a single €5 fee to put up an unclear amount but in any case it is not authorized for users. The problem is that if it is not blocked, These payments also amount to hundreds of euros, and it has already happened to many account holders at PT. Before continuing, we also suggest How to renew PostePay without running into more scams.

Curiously, customers who made complaints did not purchase on Google Play or click on strange links related to phishing activity. In this, even automatic assistance to PostePay customers will not help, since this will not be able to return to the correct meaning, the word “cloning”.

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