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"Postcard wheelbase of the past", Pianchi's phrase creates tension with M5s.  De Mayo: "Surprise. Azolina's work is generous."

“Postcard wheelbase of the past”, Pianchi’s phrase creates tension with M5s. De Mayo: “Surprise. Azolina’s work is generous.”

Conflict again Benches on wheels And this time the Minister of Education to open the controversy Patricio Bianchi. Interviewed with El Aria, who pulls La 7, in fact, he did not hesitate to call it “a postcard from the past”. “The idea that a tool can only be used for a complex situation is wrong. I did not shake the wheelbases, but we did other things,” he said. M5s component Of the executive who introduced the former 5 star minister and defended the desired action Lucia Azolina During the Conte 2 government. “Edit his words” was first asked by Deputy Secretary Barbara Florida. Then the Pentecostals delegation and the Minister for Agricultural Policy, Stefano Padunelli: “Do not follow the populists, because the choice of those benches is the choice of the principals, not the ministers”. “I don’t make fake news, I don’t chase anyonePianji’s response was that the former head of the education department wanted to be the chairman of the task force to manage the reopening of schools. The foreign minister also spoke in the evening. Luigi de Mayo: “I am truly amazed by the words of Minister Pianchi on wheelchairs, which has now been fully explored. Lucia Azolina He was generous and attentive during his tenure as minister, but above all was open to the demands of the players in the world of education. At the time, Pianjie rejoined: “I have never denied the Conte government’s commitment to the school issue,” he told ANSA.

Meanwhile, schools have reopened in five other regions today. Campania, Liguria, Marseille, Molise and Tuscany But there are difficulties with the protests of the ‘anti-pass’ staff and the epidemics that are starting to bring first graders into Dad. There is already talk of the possibility of changing the rules of segregation for students based on what is happening, in order to avoid a massive return to distance education. Germany and Great Britain A reflection was initiated in determining isolation to maintain presence teaching. Citing what is happening in Bolzano, Minister Pianchi talks about ‘evidence of danger’ and aims to extend saliva wipes beyond ‘sentinel schools’. Meanwhile, in Savona, today, the first day the bell rang, there was an extensive company The strike was closed due to lack of staff: Teachers and Atta staff actually expressed their opposition to the Green Pass duty for all school staff and gathered in front of the provincial building along with some health workers. Also in the Savona area, 5th graders were sent home after participating in a strike against a teacher’s green mastery. In order to avoid fatherhood and isolation as much as possible, Minister Pianchi is accelerating Saliva wipes Even today it is beyond the threshold of schools as part of a ministerial program called ‘Sentinel Schools’. “We’ll go to Phase 2 – Pianchi promises: we went to the saliva with molecular verification, which gives results with up to 99.9% accuracy. Now the control is random but it will spread.

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