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Green Pass Extension: Unanimous green light for new order in CDM

Green Pass Extension: Unanimous green light for new order in CDM

“We want to make workplaces safer and strengthen the vaccination campaign. More meaningful use of green pass will help us more,” the health minister said. Roberto Speranza.

Duty for selected and top companies – The Green Pass’ obligation to access the workplace also applies to “subjects held in selected offices or senior corporate positions.” The Green Pass Order extends the duties of regional mayors and presidents and councilors – and related restrictions. However, in constitutional bodies such as the Chambers, the government cannot interfere because the government has self-determination and decision-making autonomy, so the law provides: “Constitutional bodies, within the limits of their own autonomy, transform themselves. Organization.”

Stop pay immediately after 5 days for individuals without a Green Pass – Suspension from work is induced immediately for private employees, while for public servants it is valid after five days. Dl in Green Boss provides it. Private employees “are suspended from work if they are contacted because they do not have a green certificate or are left behind when approaching the workplace. Will not be provided “.

You will not be fired but will be suspended – Labor Minister Andrea Orlando has assured that “there is no penalty for dismissal of those who have not been vaccinated or subjected to dumping.” “Restrictions include suspension but have nothing to do with current practices related to disciplinary sanctions. They should not be involved in paths leading to dismissal.” “They do not imply the possibility of their indirect use for layoffs or restructuring of companies,” the minister concluded.

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Free Antigen Tests for Exclusion Only – Antigen tests will be free only for exemptions issued by the Ministry of Health Circular. Everything else will have limited prices: 8 euros for minors and 15 euros for adults. Molecular swaps are valid for 72 hours (others are valid for 48 hours).

Hope: “It’s more motivating to restart” – “We firmly believe that this order will give further impetus to this restart phase and help us better manage the coming months.” Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced the extension of the Green Pass to all workplaces. “We do this for two reasons – he added:” Make these places safer and strengthen the vaccination campaign. ” This mandate is the most important step, a vaccine-centric strategy to open a new phase. “

Brunetta: “We are at the forefront of the world, thanks to Drake” – “We grow 6% of GDP. This activity can strengthen growth and it is not an expansion but a structure. For this I agree with Professor Fossi: With this decision, Italy is at the forefront of the world and we are grateful for the track that kept the bar straight. Press after CDM This was the view of PA Minister Renato Brunetta at the meeting.

Gelmini: “Sharing from Local Authorities in the Order System” – “There was an initial discussion at the integrated conference, I want to thank the leaders of the regions, Angie and Ubi, because we were able to accept some of their plans, but we saw a significant contribution to the setting up of the mandate but above all the Green Pass is the defense of the places of independence that have been won by great effort and economic action. We hope that there will be an increase in open activities and a reduction in the number of erectile devices used to fight the virus, said Maria Stella Gelmini, Minister of Regional Affairs.

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