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Post Office Interest Bonds: June Yield

Post Office Interest Bonds: June Yield

Post office savings bonds: are they worth investing now, in June 2021, and on which ones specifically? Let’s understand more

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June has started and many want to know if this will be a good month for Post office interest bondsIt is an attractive investment. So, if today appears Opportunity to buy the euro against the dollar, very useful, so that postage coupons are not neglected.

Although we will find that the return will not be very high yet, these continue to attract the attention and happiness of investors, as they are part of a project of the state There are no costs To subscribe and redeem.

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What can Poste Bonds do for us?

Products guaranteed by the state, with a subsidized tax of 12.50%, plus exemption from inheritance tax. In short, these aspects should not be underestimated, but should be invested in specifically June 2021? Meanwhile, talking about Interest-bearing bonds and the post office, re-read these deadlinesThey might interest you.

Going back to current events, the best we can find is 4 x 4 for every Investments up to 16 years old. Total annual effective return at maturity of 0.20% at the end of the fourth year, then 0.30% at the end of the eighth year. At the end of the cycle it will be 0.75%. And to think that with the official website or application of Banco Posta, a few online steps are enough to sign up for a coupon.

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Instead, there 3 x 4 From MailA similar way to invest in the most favorable interest-bearing bonds at the moment. For June, odds are this. At the end of year three, we’ll actually have a comfortable 0.10%, with 0.20% instead, at the end of year 6. And then, at the end of the ninth year, 0.30% and finally 0.50% at the end of the twelfth year. For both investments, repayment can be requested at any time we decide, but the return of the invested capital takes place only after 3.6 and 9 years.