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Italo is looking for hostesses from all over Italy: no experience

Italo is looking for hostesses from all over Italy: no experience

New job opportunities are coming in at a high speed. Italo Treno Selections began, with the goal of recruiting new resources to be included in the staff.

For the month of November, few professional profiles are required.

italo train offers

Italo offers new jobs: Hostesses wanted from all over Italy

New job opportunities in a famous group dedicated to transport throughout Italy. Italo Trino’s choices started with the goal of employment New resources to be included in the task force.

November is full of possibilities, The required professional profiles are countless. Below are all the basic indications related to selection, requirements that will be necessary to possess it and the procedure for submitting an application. There are many job opportunities that Italo Treno has made available for the month of November. Various professional profiles as well as locations.

First of all, the group is looking for Stewardess and flight attendant on the plane. To fill this position, it will be necessary to have a five-year high school diploma (the so-called maturity) and at least two years of work experience.

You will need to rely on a valid one managed English language Especially in speaking and tending to work shifts and on holidays. Tendency for teamwork and empathetic interaction with users. The stations in question are Venice, Milan, Rome and Naples

It is also necessary to fill a position Mechanical. As a minimum you will need to achieve A valid European certificate to drive trains An additional valid Class B certificate. In addition, you must have completed at least one year of practice on the job.

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Not everything that is necessary to achieve it High School Diploma For five years – this is the so-called mature – And prepare to move to one of the following locations: Rome, Milan and Naples.

Finally, also for this post, There is a need to work in shifts, at night and on holidays.

All the stops requested by the Italo train: here’s what they are

italo is looking for new hostesses and hostesses
hostess and hostess

There is no shortage of other business opportunities with the Italo Group. Personnel are needed to be included in the staff also in the Rome office. The choices are then opened to employees. We are looking for:

  • observer
  • tax specialist
  • Junior Regulatory Affairs
  • Management engineering graduates
  • Consolidation Console
  • Budget and Control Officer

To date, the open positions in the Italo Group are those just shown. The proposal is to monitor the company’s official web page with the reserved voice named “work with us” So we see potential new possibilities.

To participate in the Italo Treno selections aimed at recruiting new resources to be included in the staff, potential candidates must select the profile that interests them, then at the end of the page You will need to click on the specially prepared form to attach your CV.