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Turin, Vaccine Open Day a hit: 6,000 seats sold in minutes

Turin, Vaccine Open Day a hit: 6,000 seats sold in minutes

The party began on June 2 for many in Piedmont to book for the Barco del Valentino Center’s “last minute” vaccination, but over the weekend six thousand seats were sold on the portal in minutes.

Yesterday evening the Piedmont Region announced that vaccinations for all ages will be available at the Valentino Open Center on June 4, 5 and 6 at 7am today, and are now open only to those over 60 years of age. Open to all adults “until the available 6,000 seats are exhausted”. Those who have not yet met or have already been invited but can make reservations after June 13th. Thirty-year-old boys, who can only book since last Friday, have received appointments for the first dose since the end of July on a much wider scale.

In fact, it only took a few minutes to leave all the places. There are those who believe it will open well before Stage 7, but they were only able to take a seat on the side of the hour: “I booked two, one for myself and my husband, and they were all out shortly after they were sold out,” says Claudia. Many did not do it on time. “Seats are already over by 7.03,” one user wrote. Despite being under the age of 60, there are those who report that he booked himself last night, so the stage would have been open early and limited the space available today. “As for the big concerts in practice, the seats are already sold out at 7 p.m.”

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