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Political drama, because the president takes risks - Libero Quotidiano

Political drama, because the president takes risks – Libero Quotidiano

fart Joe Biden Cop26 has been talking about it for days now, and it’s the never-denyed background that will come from stories Camilla Parker Bowles, Witness the flatulence of the President of the United States. The episode is, let’s face it, puzzling: A long and loud fart, according to the story. And who knows that this episode did not give a (negative) impetus to the President of the United States, who according to the latest opinion polls will be overshadowed by the opposition of Americans.

In fact, the American people are publicly taking a stand against it. Poll created and posted by Washington Post and yes News lettersmerciless numbers: 53% of respondents are dissatisfied with what Biden has done, While Only 41% appreciate beer. Briefly 53% in the upcoming elections He would choose a republic. In short, a breakup in record time for Biden, one of the most unpopular presidents in US history (at least after so little time in the White House).

According to analysts, first of all, inflation data, which has risen significantly, negatively affect: Americans blame Biden inflation rushAnd 6 out of 10 still believe the president has done too little in the first 10 of them in office to contain or solve the problem. By the way, the poll came on the eve of the day Biden will sign New infrastructure plan, which according to him will work precisely to reduce inflation. we will see. And in the meantime we ask ourselves: Who knows whether that fart, weighs, is in the poll or not.

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