Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Salvini and “Degree dissertation copied by Azolina”. The judge agrees – time


When Matteo Salvini Wrote the former Minister of Education. Lucia Azolina (M5S), he copied the dissertation, which is not slander. In fact, the trial against the League leader was filed by a Milan trial judge, which arose from a defamation lawsuit filed against then-Minister Azolina for allegedly allegedly copying the M5s’ current vice-chancellor.

The controversy arose from an article in the January 2020 La Repubblica newspaper and was commented on (later deleted) on social networks by the leader of the league. “It seemed impossible to do worse than Minister Fioremondi. Instead, Azolina amazes us: we have now discovered that he not only takes the side against the dangerous, but also copies graduate dissertations. Such a minister has no right to teach (do) a lesson. Go home ashamed. . ” In essence, Salvini’s inability to verify the authenticity of the journalism work was, in essence, libel to the Milan attorney who heard the archive after the trial, and to trial judge Roberto Grebaldi. In the article, they fell into the right of political criticism of the senator of the Northern League.

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