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Sergio de Otavi gets rid of Greta with a post: “Betrayal and lies”


Givino’s ex came out on social media confirming rumors of an alleged breakup with the former seductress who preferred someone else over him

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The relationship between Sergio Dotavi and Greta Rossetti I was born within walls Big brotherReality show he hosts Alfonso Signorini On Canal 5, he continued out of the house for a few months, but now love story That seems to be the case You’ve reached the end of the line, and it was the restaurant owner who broke the silence regarding the alleged separation – now confirmed – after the rumors that spread in the last few hours that worried the couple’s fans and according to which the crisis was due to D’Ottavi’s excessive jealousy. Let’s find out together what Giffino said, among other things, using very strong words towards his now ex-girlfriend.

Sergio Dotavi and Greta Rossetti broke up: why

One votes The crisis between Sergio Dotavi and Greta Rossetti It has become increasingly urgent lately – let’s say hours – but now the restaurant owner, Via a long post on Instagramrevealed how things really are, talked about unpublished details and thus broke the hearts of many GF fans who were rooting for the couple: “I feel compelled to write about an ending to the story that I strongly believe in, despite the many warnings and prejudices about Greta’s difficulty in dealing with the relationship in an honest and serious way. I cannot blame myself for anything in terms of respect, protection, trust, serenity, understanding, honesty, freedom and loyalty. Which I discovered was definitely not reciprocated“.

The man continued Vent on social media In reference to betrayals and lies on Rossetti’s part: “I believe that my image as a gentleman helped to clean up my image, often (and perhaps rightly) questioned by a public that had become increasingly more attentive than me, and from which today, unfortunately, I can no longer protect myself. Maybe you can even forgive betrayal, but you must have the loyalty to admit it and try to justify it when you inevitably get caught. You can’t build the foundation of a relationship on it Lies, adventures, superficiality and disrespect. This is not what I want for my life, I have learned at great cost to respect others and above all to respect myself“.

In short, Sergio Dutavi seems determined not to retrace his steps, but for now, in the absence of confirmation or denial from Greta Rossetti, we can only wait for the reaction of the former seductress to fully understand the truth of the matter. facts.

Greta Rossetti with tronista?

Gossip expert Deianira Marzano, through sources close to the couple, learned the identity of the alleged man with whom ex-Givina allegedly cheated on Sergio Dotavi. This is the former deejay and trunista of men and women Eugenio Colombo, who had a brief flirtation in the past before they together decided to remain just friends. However, during the GF, the latter announced that he wanted to restore the relationship with Greta, and then backed down when the young woman started a relationship with Sergio (the two apparently met again behind his back after the reality show), while the former seductress, according to what Marzano revealed, was not To never get Columbus out of her head.

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