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Pension reform / Ninth Protection INPS: news, requirements and dates

Pension reform / Ninth Protection INPS: news, requirements and dates

The Ninth Pension Guarantee: News

He. She Last July 26th with a private message from INPS Submissions of certification letters for jobs with positive requirements in the applicationThe ninth guarantee: Pending a structural and comprehensive pension reform with effect from January 1, 2022, the Institute continues the “Protection” project in accordance with Article 1, paragraphs 346 to 348 of Law No. 178 of December 30, 2020. After the completion of the initial stage and verification of compliance with regard to the provisions envisaged in Regulatory framework: In the letter INPS No. Instructions for verification of requirements in this regard No. 1673 of April 23, 2021 have been submitted, and as of Friday, July 30 the update of the pension payment procedure has been released. (adjective by Niccol Magnani)

Problems facing the government with trade unions

In an article published in Riformista, Giuliano Cazola notes that “the Draghi government from February to today never uttered the word pensions, until the July 27 meeting with union leaders who – if they understood it – Minister Andrea Orlando told them there was ‘no cat tripe’; And it’s part of the path that was followed in 2011, albeit with some bruises, perhaps with some discounts for disadvantaged jobs.” According to the former MP, “If the government has so far had more problems – now with the M5S, now with Matteo Salvini – about pensions, it will certainly have problems with the unions that will try to play at all the tables: on the PD (the new Buridano donkey) in search of A leftist spirit, and about the spirit of the guilty parties in the quota 100 and its surroundings. Because, as yellow literature teaches, the guilty always return to the scene of the crime.” We’ll see how things will go when “the pension slogan knocks on the doors of the budget law.”

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Pension reform, Marino’s words

According to Mauro Marino, the meeting between the government and trade unions on Pension reform set up in July “was very informative, just a facade. Have a meeting by the end of July, wait for August to pass and meet again in September. Moreover, the two committees concerned with the different seriousness of work and the separation between assistance and social security have not yet completed the preparatory work to enter the heart of the negotiations. The negotiations that the government wants to hold until late autumn at the time of the submission of the budget law to make the changes that it has already been contemplating for some time.” In particular, in his opinion, “the government is unlikely to reveal itself before November because it hopes too much for a recovery in GDP in second half of the year. He will want to see at that time how much money he can put on the pension table.”

Government designated road

Marino, in an article on, adds that “the government is not at all worried about the separation of pensions. Perhaps this is one of the things he has been quite calm about. There is a very welcome law in Europe, the one that should give us 191.5 billion euros famous for recovering and doesn’t think he’s going to do anything right now.” In his view, the problem of post-100 quotas is not “insoluble” for the executive branch. exist social beeThere are expansion contracts and there is isopension. Then the government uses the various inter-party disagreements and verbal clashes between Salvini, Letta, Di Maio, Berlusconi, etc. with great cleverness. The parties that remained in the executive branch because none of them was ready for the elections. All parties, even those who seem to be opposed to Draghi, are not taking the break because they know he is the only one who can get the famous billions from the recovery.”

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