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Hacker attack in Lazio region, re-activation of anti-Govt vaccination booking site

Hacker attack in Lazio region, re-activation of anti-Govt vaccination booking site

The site for booking anti-Govt vaccines in Lazio is back online. This was announced by Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Logio Region, who underscores how vaccine registration can be resumed: “After work these days, we can now deliver First time table Services we reactivate: The vaccination booking system is operational from this afternoon and can be reached from the site“, The governor of Lazio explains.

“24 hours prior to the schedule, the booking service for anti-Govt vaccines was restored at the time of registration in Lazio,” added Lazio Health Councilor Alessio de Amato: It has seen about 8 million bookings so far between the first and second dose, resulting in a regional vaccine record of 7.1 million, with more than 1,000 vaccines already registered today.

Next steps

However, on Monday, a temporary regional site will be activated that will contain information such as Citizens and Administrative Services, Perl (Regional Official Bulletin). The region’s email will be back in operation by next Friday and by the end of August the budget activity, its data will be intact.

No data was deleted

Furthermore, the Dalla Pisana Regional Tenders have already thanked Emilia Romagna for their cooperation with the region, and are looking forward to relaunching our site in early September. The note says.

The Lazio region also states that “health payments of suppliers and salaries will be respected and, if necessary, extraordinary payments are already guaranteed. In addition to health data, regional budgets, civil engineering and European ERDF funds are included”. No data currently deleted.

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Not only that. La Pisana “Ensures that the regional computer security system is constantly updated and continuously certified by competent systems to comply with the latest security measures. In 2019 the regional set system was completely updated from an architectural point of view. ID Security”. On the dynamics of attacks and the consequences they currently have. “They are inspected and monitored by investigators and competent authorities“.

Temporary service from ASL Roma 1

While waiting for ASL Roma 1, outpatient services to return online, the municipality has opened a provisional booking service for residents of areas 1 and 2 at 0677647714, which operates from Monday to Friday 8-16. 3, 13, 14 and 15. “Operators will take care of recording the details and type of request on the phone, after which the date and time of appointment will be announced to interested parties. To facilitate operations, please call the general practitioner and health card holder. Temporary telephone until the regional recovery system is restored. The service will work “, ASL explains.

Asl Roma 1 No.-2