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€1,000 bonus that returns expenses directly to your account, how to do it

€1,000 bonus that returns expenses directly to your account, how to do it

The questions began for a much-awaited reward of 1,000 euros.

This is the reimbursement of expenses made in 2021 and the deadlines for ordering it directly online have begun on the dedicated platform.

The platform of the Ministry of Environmental Transformation has been waiting for some time to submit an application for the water reward. In fact, fraudulent platforms have appeared that can deceive taxpayers. The ministry itself had warned against these practices. But now the official platform has started and can be used to claim the water reward. Let’s see what expenses can be covered by this bonus. This bonus covers replacement of shower heads, as well as sanitary ware and faucets, but the quota set by the government is that they must be shower heads, Taps etc are able to allow smaller jets of water. In fact, the Water Bonus is a bonus with an environmental focus aimed at improving water consumption in Italian homes.

no longer for you

Therefore, as of February 17, it is possible to order this bonus amounting to a maximum of 1,000 euros. Deductible expenses are those incurred throughout 2021. But be careful because the list of expenses is rather large. Sanitary utensils that allow drainage within 6 liters are covered All expenses for the installation and disposal of old plumbing fixtures are also covered. But shower columns, mixers, faucets, etc., which have a limited amount of water, can also benefit from this. Here, too, installation costs and so on are also covered.

All you need to ask

To order it, you have to go to the special platform created by the Ministry of Environmental Transformation and Introduce yourself by Spid but also Cie or Cns. You must enter a complete series of data including the name, surname and tax code of the applicant, Various expenditure amounts, but also cadastral determinants of property And no less important are the technical characteristics of the purchased devices.

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But for purchased items, you cannot take advantage of two rewards at the same time. Precisely for this reason, it is also necessary to state that you have not taken advantage of other rewards for the same devices, but it is also important to indicate your IBAN to get the added amount. A copy of the tax receipt certifying the expenses incurred will obviously be crucial.