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Pension at the age of fifty, these are the requirements

Pension at the age of fifty, these are the requirements

It’s not impossible Stop working at 50. Although it can be difficult, with careful financial planning, you can save enough money to retire from the workforce once you turn fifty.

However, you need to set aside enough money to at least cover the years leading up to retirement 17 If the requirements for an old-age pension are considered. In this regard, it would be appropriate to allocate an amount equal to At least 20 times Annual income per capita, a challenge that clearly requires the interweaving of some elements to complete. You need one The right salary To allocate the funds necessary to reach the stated goal each month, carefully planning how to invest your savings.

Otherwise, there is only one solution governed by our legal system that allows you to do so the retirement Even on the threshold 50 yearseven before then There is no age requirement And they are enough Only 5 years of work. However, this is only expected in certain cases Worsening health conditionsto the point of significantly reducing a person’s ability to function.

Retirement at the age of 50 is only one condition provided for by law

To retire to 50 yearsor even before that, it is necessary to be an employee, self-employed and registered with the separate administration with Work capacity decreases to less than a third because of Physical or mental disability.

Obviously, this unpleasant situation will hopefully never happen, also because a recognized pension may happen Very low.

In detail, when the aforementioned condition is met, the worker will have been entitled to at least 5 years of contributionsIt is possible, of which at least 3 years in the previous 5 years, to apply for the so-called ordinary disability allowance.

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A real pension, with the difference that it does not require any age requirements to be met. also Calculate the amount It follows the same rules as Social Security treatments, which as expected can be a problem. Especially for the periods after 1996, in which the contribution calculation system is used, the risk is that one will find oneself with a pension that is not sufficient to cover all expenses.

Let us think, for example, of those who ask it of them 50 years 20 years of contributions and a contribution amount of €200,000: the resulting pension will be approximately equal 650 euros per month. Or for those who do 35 years With only 10 years of contributions and €85,000: the allowance in this case will be approximately equal 280 euros per month, with the disadvantage of not enjoying even the minimum increase (excluded for pure shareholders). At least the perception of the Arab Organization for Industrialization is Compatible with work activityBut in this case the amount is reduced. In detail with profit between €31,127.72 and €38,909.65 Take the pieces out 25%While if it is higher, the reduction will be 50%.

Instead it is up to Disability pension For those whoabsolute H permanent – Inability to perform any work activity. requirements H Calculate the amount It follows the same rules as a regular disability allowance, and therefore pensions in general, with a difference It’s not compatible While engaging in any work activity.

In both cases, the aforementioned procedures are transformed into an old-age pension when the required requirements are reached, that is, at the age of 67 years.

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Pension at 57 with Rita

Although in Italy there are no other procedures that allow you to retire at the age of fifty, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this goal is still possible through:Accurate financial management From their savings.

In this regard, it is important to know By investing in a supplementary retirement fund You can get monthly income with 10 years in advance Compared to his age of 67 years.

thanks for the Rita (abbreviation for Early temporary supplemental income), which those who have joined the retirement fund can apply for advance Accumulated capital in order to obtain Annual income In the years before retirement.

In detail, RITA can be requested by their registrants At least 5 years To the aforementioned fund, at least 20 years of contributions In mandatory management of reference and stopped working. An application can be submitted 5 years ago From reaching the age of 67 years required to obtain an old-age pension, or until 10 years ago By those who have been out of work for at least two years.