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Matteo Renzi: “Revenue meter? I thought it was Georgia, but instead it was Pinocchio”

Matteo Renzi: “Revenue meter? I thought it was Georgia, but instead it was Pinocchio”

In Income Meter we face “another mistake of a normal government. There is a problem of method and competence: in this way no one in Sigi and Meffil noticed the confusion in the decree, and it says a lot about the operation of the machine of Georgia Meloni, which starts with the role of Undersecretary Mantovano”, says Matteo. Renzi in an interview Corriere della Sera. “On the merits, Meloni negated the decades-long battle for a friendly tax man with a single move. As if that wasn’t enough, he lied about the Renzi government’s fault. I thought it was Giorgia, but instead I thought it was Pinocchio. The cruel revenue mechanism the Meloni government wanted to reintroduce. We removed average ISTAT spending from the meter. A liberal and statist move that unnecessarily harasses taxpayers. The government, in confusion, should cut taxes, instead it increases bureaucracy.” The executive, president of Italia Viva, is “in the middle to use the expression of machines with old manual gearboxes: they don’t bring home a result. There is a prime minister who speaks well, that’s why he will get a good result in the European elections, but there is a government that doesn’t bring home a single result. They are on Twitter. exchanged an official gazette.”

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