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Pass for travel between areas within the orange and red zone with medical certificate

Pass for travel between areas within the orange and red zone with medical certificate

The meeting of the Science and Technology Committee will not be held before tomorrow for experts to comment on the pass announced by the government for travel in the orange and red regions. The meeting is not set yet, but it is likely to take place on Tuesday, April 20th. The reopening protocol developed by the regions should be on the list of experts, while no comment was sought on the resumption of school presence.

Travel between different areas with the pass

You can move freely between areas in the yellow zone without issuing self-certification from Monday 26th April, while the date for moves between areas in the orange and red zone has not yet been established (it will probably be possible to move between the first days of May). To move between areas with high Govt risk brackets, the “pass” announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi will be required. The timing and methods of this new operation are yet to be determined, but we already know that the document should contain any of the following information:

  • Indication of having been vaccinated against Govt-19;
  • Medical certificate certifying recovery from Govit-19;
  • Negative antigenic or molecular tissue formation within 48 hours of movement.

Pass holders have the opportunity to move freely within national borders and access certain events (cultural and sports) reserved for those with documentation. Given that April 26 is very close, it seems likely that the government will adhere to an interim solution to replace the pass until the entire machine is operational, which will certify the European “green pass” model (an application is a Qr code) that Brussels wants to implement from the summer.

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Hypothesis of medical certification

The government is exploring various hypotheses as to what form this pass should take, at least at an early stage. A.S.L. It is assumed that the issuer of a medical certificate or self-certification certifying the required requirements (vaccine, healing or negative fabric) will allow movements between areas within the orange or red zone. Another hypothesis predicts the use of a health card by each citizen in which the requested data will be loaded. The hypothesis of a digital card is also being evaluated, but in this case the period will be longer.

The potential use of the IOO application should not rule out the fact that about 10 million Italians are already using the money transfer, while in recent days the Council, during a hearing at the Transport Commission on Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation, Vittorio Colov, launched the idea. Test the Immuni app Digitize a document that allows people who have been vaccinated, tested negative, or cured by Govt to freely access places and services and move from one country to another. On the other hand, the European “vaccine passport” should arrive in June, but it will not be as effective as we explained. who.

Pass for interstate travel is a political choice, not a scientific one

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