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Paris vs GDP: Noble or not, you can't talk to idiots

Paris vs GDP: Noble or not, you can’t talk to idiots

Noble’s attribute does not guarantee the winner’s ability in every field of human knowledge. I know many Nobel laureates, all of whom, with one exception, are well aware of it. Humility is the attribute that connects them.

Giorgio Parisi, The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021, talks about GDP in Parliament, criticizing this measure of a country’s economic performance. The reactions were of various types: many media outlets published his statements, and that was it, some said that Pharisee was a good physicist (their virtue) but that the real world was more complex than how he saw it (above all he won the Nobel Prize for his research Complex, From asteroids to galaxies, in between, flocks of stars). Economic growth measured by GDP has not been discussed, and no politician I know has ever said that Paris is right.

With technological innovation, some commentators have objected that GDP can increase without depleting natural capital: GDP growth and sustainability are compatible. The totem of growth goes hand in hand with confidence in the savings of technology. As a physicist, but you don’t need the Nobel Prize to find it, Parisi knows very well that if something increases it will decrease something else. GDP growth is based on the growth of production and consumption and no matter how efficient the technologies are, one cannot do a job without consuming resources and nature provides them. The growth of economic capital leads to a decrease in natural capital. Better technologies will reduce the depletion of natural capital, but if we continue to increase in number and increase consumption, reduction is inevitable. I use the word Development Because it’s a blasphemy when it comes to economics, but if natural capital declines and economic capital grows … what’s wrong?

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A growth-based economy is against the laws of physics. In a contest between the economy and nature, the economy may temporarily win but, ultimately, it will lose and this will lead to its growth: those who want growth lay the foundation for traumatic degeneration. Nature without us behaves so well that without nature we are dead. You don’t need the Nobel Prize to understand it but, because you don’t understand, Parisi had a hard time explaining it after waking up in the headline for five minutes. Before him explained environmental scientists (not to be confused with ecologists), including the best scientist of all time. Charles Darwin: All creatures tend to grow, but not everyone can, because resources are scarce.

Ricardo Valentini A Nobel Prize introduced to me. Some say one thing for peace, less valuable, is that the IPCC won a joint Nobel Prize, an intergovernmental panel on climate change, made up of hundreds of scholars. Stands alone among them Thank you e Klaus Hazelman This year, the winner of the “good” Nobel Prize for Climate Studies shared it with Paris.

Ricardo Valentini was on the Logio Regional Council, and I think I would not reveal confusing facts if he told me: Some regional councilors mocked him When he spoke: Oh, he speaks Noble! Valentine makes you laugh. The Nobel Prize is ridiculous to some.

A quote from many writers from Oscar Wilde to Mark Twain says: Never argue with idiots, they will drag you to their position and then beat you with experience. But what should Nobel laureates do when they are ridiculed by fools for warning of the consequences of our insane plans to dominate nature? They come down from the ivory tower and try to make the fools think. Are treated like fools.

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Parsi It has already disappeared From the news courtesy. After all, he’s 73 years old (one less than Tracy, who’s not important for years) so he’s shocked, isn’t he? Oh, in Pharaoh, now we have Er Bill from you …

In our country, science does not enjoy a good journal. Sure, we’d be happy if we won some medals, but would you like to place the Nobel Prize with Olympic and Paralympic gold? Or the European Football and Volleyball Championship?

If they tell you things you do not want to hear, you will not listen. No one trusts you, not even the Pope. Ah, yes, we have even warned the Pope, with an encyclopedia that talks about biodiversity and ecosystems, saying they are more important than money. In short: he’s crazy too.

I was the first in my family to graduate, and my grandmother’s brother made fun of me: You know the scientist (My family is Genoese). Looking at Picasso’s paintings, Grandma Anna said, she could have done them too, what’s that for? This is very important to me, Grandma Anna, who was born in the nineteenth century and I remember her with great affection and respect. I look around it every time science is teased. Notice, she made fun of me, but, she was so proud that I was doing university. For foolsOn the other hand, the Nobel Prize does not deserve attention and respect.

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Who is implementing environmental change based on the warnings of people like Paris and the Pope? It seems to me that no. The ultimate goal, again, is GDP growth.