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Panettone, why does it have to be turned upside down?  The reason is very specific and you will never get there

Panettone, why does it have to be turned upside down? The reason is very specific and you will never get there

Do you know why panettone should always be turned upside down once it is cooked? There is a precise explanation behind this essential step!

From the court of Ludovico il Moro in 1495 until today. It is the centuries-old protagonist on the table during the Christmas period Panettone. The type containing candied fruits is the most famous but its “competitors” are the numerous and delicious types that have certainly become popular in recent years, conquering our taste buds with their thousands of flavours.

Panettone: why it is put upside down – News&

Chocolate, coffee, fruit, pistachio. Homogeneous honey makes it high and light like a cloud. Preparing panettone is perhaps one of the most complex processes that can exist.

In fact, it consists of many steps that require special attention, both during the assembly phase of ingredients and during cooking or fresh baking. Although all the steps are necessary, one in particular turns out to be essential: Do you know why panettone is left to cool upside down at the end of cooking? Turning the panettone after cooking is very important, but let’s see why.

Why you should flip the panettone at the end of cooking: the secret revealed

Long and complex preparation requires many attention. It consists of several stages of fermentation and maturation. Panettone is considered one of the typical Christmas desserts. Preparing it at home can be a real challenge. This is why many decide to buy the most delicious artisanal panettone without having to do this tiring task. The success of a good panettone depends on the stages of preparation. One of these, as expected, is the one It requires that the panettone be turned upside down at the end of cooking Then put it upside down. But why is it necessary to do this?

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Turn the panettone upside down
Why turn panettone upside down at the end of cooking .- News&

As explained, panettone is a dough whose composition is said to be somewhat complex. Its processing consists of several hours of fermentation and maturation, inside and outside the refrigerator. So, by taking the panettone out of the oven and leaving it on its base while it cools, you risk seeing it collapse in on itself.

Turning the panettone upside down, and attaching it to the special pins to suspend it in the air, will ensure that it cools without puffing up and thus losing its distinctive shape. This explains why panettone cannot be consumed shortly after baking. The cooling stage requires at least 12 hours in a cool, dry place, to prevent internal moisture from damaging its shape but above all its final quality.