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Palazzo Ciki - Two names for the heir to the Libero Coutidiano

Palazzo Ciki – Two names for the heir to the Libero Coutidiano

First the Justice Reform and then the Green Pass. For Mario Draghi It is not easy to find a set of broad agreements in this government, so, after long days of negotiations, he took the leave of the parties. The chief, like his habit, wants Breathe for 15 days In Umbria, Città delle Pieve. This time the beginning of the shelter has a new flavor. The first number one of the European Central Bank is finally here Entered the role of politician And he has no intention of abandoning them before he finishes his work. What was it called.

This is not a case Newspaper If for the first time in six months Drake had set aside words of praise for the majority parties. When asked openly about the horizon of his government, Draghi defined himself as “it is in the hands of parliament.” But he immediately set the agenda for the coming months: taxation, competition, jobs and rights. In short, rumors of a handover to Collie Draw Sergio Matterella And the CM seems far removed from reality.

The other prime minister He only sees Palazzo Siki. At least until the end of the assembly, in 2023. If this is not the case then maybe there are two candidates who will replace Tracy Quinnell: the Minister of Economy and the Prime Minister. Daniel Franco, Or the most senior minister, i.e. the holder of public administration Renato Brunetta. These are two profiles that struggle to keep such a large majority together. In fact, right in the center it took several days to get away from Tracy’s candidacy on the mountain and get past the subject. On the other hand, there are still six months.

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