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Flixbus compra un marchio storico made in USA

Flixbus buys a historic brand made in the United States – Mobility

FlixMobility, A German team managing Flixbus’ low-cost routes Acquired an American company called Greyhound, A true traffic legend in the United States, has long been involved in the journey from coast to coast on the North American continent.

Greyhound was acquired by British in the first division in 2007, when he announced a deal to sell the Navy brand yesterday. The purchase went for $ 172 million. The Greyhound connects about 2,400 locations across North America, Hosting about 16 million passengers each year. This is a very similar business Flickspus, Today has the largest intercity bus network in Europe, with over 2,500 locations in 36 countries.

Our business continues to recover from the effects of the epidemic – Announced by the co-founder and CEO of FlickSpace Andre SpongeWe in the United States will reflect the success we have already achieved through our innovative and customer-centric approach. The epidemic has hit us just as hard as it has affected everyone. Now is the time to improve the situation and move on.

The acquisition of the former German low-cost transport startup is starting to expand globally, but the acquisition continues the growth strategy: from Linida in 2015, to Megabus and Postbus in 2016, to Euroline in 2019. Eight years ago from its foundations by three young people – Daniel Cross and Jason Engert besides Swamline – Flixbus raised about two billion dollars, attracting 16 institutional investors. Last fundraiser, $ 650 million increase in capital in June“, We study at Courier della Sera.