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Padua, shock at the hospital.  The health worker took off her gown and jumped out of the window: died

Padua, shock at the hospital. The health worker took off her gown and jumped out of the window: died

Drama at Camposampiro Hospital. The victim would not have left any clues to justify the gesture. Pain and distrust among colleagues.

A 36-year-old health worker, originally from the province of Vicenza, He took his own life Yesterday 25 August, lifted himself fromEighth floor of the hospital Camposampiro During the transition. An eight-meter flight did him no wrong. The Carabinieri intervened on the spot.

the man No notes left That justified the insane gesture. Pain and disbelief among colleagues who portrayed him as an “exemplary professional, with a bright future”. He was admired by all for his professionalism and above all for the human relationship he was able to maintain with his patients

According to the initial reconstruction of the facts, the tragedy occurred in front of a dozen people, including colleagues, patients and relatives of those admitted to the hospital. Suddenly he seems to be thirty-six years old The work code has been removed, folded it and placed it on a chair. Then he opened the window thrusts itself into the void On the side facing the hospital courtyard.

From the beginning the operation of the Carabinieri has excluded the complicity of third parties. The health worker will do it all by himself during his duty hours which started a few hours ago. Those who knew him would have told investigators that the man had recently returned to service after a summer vacation and that he was not. Never revealed moments of mental discomfort. The hypothesis that he suffered from serious physical ailments also seems to be ruled out.

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