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Tips to save electricity and gas

Tips to save electricity and gas

A series of tips to reduce household energy consumption: An essential practice, in this period, where the cost of light and gas is rising exponentially.

Enea has developed a plan that can help save approximately 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas, Helping families save approximately €180 per year, to which a series of good practices for everyday life must be added

thermostat. Among the first practices that should be adopted are to reduce the temperature of the thermostat by one degree, from 20 to 19 degrees, and to reduce the heating ignition by one hour: a system that allows you to reduce consumption by 10, 6% and 3.7%. If you also add a 15-day reduction in the ignition period, the savings can reach 17.5%, which is equivalent to about 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas: in practice, the cost of the 178 euro bill per year is reduced by the household

Use heat pumps. Further savings can also be made from using the already installed electric heat pumps for summer air conditioning also for winter heating; Reducing the use of gas in the bathroom and kitchen and lowering the consumption of electricity thanks to the better use of household appliances. This could mean cutting off approximately 3.6 billion cubic meters of gas

household appliance. Among the precautions that are often overlooked, it is worth noting turning off the standby light, for example lighting the TV; Use the washing machine only at full load, with the temperature never exceeding 60 °C, the dishwasher at half load, with the temperature set to 50 °C, as well as energy-intensive appliances, such as irons or dryers

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In the kitchen. Do not forget how important it is to make good use of the gas available in the kitchen: in this sense, the contribution of induction hobs, the use of lids to boil and cook food, and even the pot should not be underestimated. pressure, allowing you to halve cooking times. The contribution of the microwave is fundamental, both for heating food and for cooking it: this way you avoid having to use the electric oven, and certainly more waste of energy.

Fridge. Before the colder months arrive, it is important to defrost the refrigerator and freezer and always do so regularly, if not at least every 6 months when the ice reaches 2mm. Once restarted, it is important to keep it at medium temperatures, and always remember that it is important not to open it all the time, not to serve hot food and always keep it in the coldest part of the kitchen.

light. It is also important to use LED lights, which allow greater savings than halogen lamps, and home automation systems that allow an intelligent approach, thus avoiding excessive waste. After all, it will also be enough to simply turn off the switch, avoiding leaving it turned on when not needed

Waste reduction. It is also important to avoid wasting water: in this sense, it is possible to use flow reducers on all faucets, replacing the classic water heater with modulated gas and electric water heaters with heat pumps, which allows savings of up to 75% .

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Watch out for the energy class. If you are thinking of buying household appliances in this period, it is important to prefer those that belong to a higher energy class, considering that they account for almost 60% of your electricity bill. By replacing it with the new generation and A-class, significant advantages are noted. A modern washing machine allows energy savings of up to 35% and a refrigerator by 40%.