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US: Biden funds around 900 million euros for charging stations

US: Biden funds around 900 million euros for charging stations

Tell me how many charging stations there are and I’ll tell you how widespread electric cars are. It’s more or less an American scene, confirming just how green it is Use, moving forward for an increasingly prosperous future. A project is designed to keep, ie A fund of about 900 million euros Charging stations can be set up in 35 states. It will be a way to encourage people to buy electric cars and a point to recharge them if you need them.

The President himself confirmed the decision to invest this huge sum for this purpose Joe Biden want Detroit Salon. This is on top of the roughly €1,000 billion in loans for infrastructure approved in November. To add that The US government offers a $7,500 tax credit (about 7,500 euros) for all American citizens who want to buy electric vehicles, but with two conditions: the cars must be made in the United States and their batteries must be made in the United States, which is not decided. European Commission.

Towards a 100% green future

To allow the creation of recharging points in the states, which should be in the thousands, Congress has authorized about 5 billion euros over 5 years to provide subsidies to the United States. It should also be said that the purchase of electric vehicles in the United States has grown over the years. Biden also signed an executive order Almost all electric or plug-in hybrid models should be purchased by 2027.

But there is more to come, as the president has set a goal to reach by 2030. What would it be? That is the idea 50% of new cars sold in the States are fully electric or plug-in hybrids500,000 new charging stations have been built for these cars.

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