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"Order ready".  Towards the (first) appeal against the curfew order

“Order ready”. Towards the (first) appeal against the curfew order

An action “Bad and ideological“. Thus the Governor of the Northern League of the Autonomous Province Trento, Maricio Bugatti, defines the decision to hold Curfew 22 to 5. He declares that he is ready. “Evaluate the order to move at 11pm, the regions’ request will not be accepted by the government by Thursday“.

The words of the Northern League leader came after the clash between Enrico Letta and Matteo Salvini, Who defended the position of Carocio ministers who voted during the last ministers. In fact, the league supports the need to postpone the start of the curfew order until 11.00pm. Several regions have called for a moratorium on exit and deactivation, but the government has confirmed the previous level. An activity that is not shared by everyone. “Due to the curfew order a Travel He may decide not to come to Trentino – President Bugatti explains in an interview Courier della sera Move at 11pm So it is a matter of common sense as far as tourism living areas are concerned“The hope is that the current political debate will change the government’s line.”A good sign for economic types that have been slaughtered by restrictions in recent months“But if this does not happen, the head of the autonomous province will announce,” “I’m ready to make one tooOrder And lose the challenge that the government certainly makes. But no one can say that we are in favor of epidemics by moving the curfew order at 11pm“In fact, Bugatti explains,”I believe there is no epidemiological premise that maintaining a curfew at 10pm is a bad and ideological decision. “.

To achieve this goal, LEGA President Matteo Salvini began collecting signatures demanding the repeal of the government-approved curfew. Considering the role of the Northern League in government, this is a paradoxical move: “I am the head of an autonomous province and I try to protect the interests of my territory– Mentioned the Governor of Trentino- It is a coincidence that my position is similar to that of Salvini or Petrica, President of the State Regional Conference.. But he points out: “The Contradictions I see them inside Government, Because there are center-left and center-right governors with the same position as me“.

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