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Outburst of Italians forced to quarantine the hotel

Outburst of Italians forced to quarantine the hotel

Imprisonment as a precaution. Discussion continues the choice To require the Irish government to quarantine people coming to the island from a number of countries, including Italy, in hotels. The unfortunate passengers, in addition to having to spend 14 days in a building carefully guarded by the police, also have to pay 1,875 euros in accommodation costs out of their own pocket. A scale affecting the complete halt to leisure travel above all on the vast Italian community in Ireland.


“There are approximately 50,000 citizens who moved here like me from Italy, and today we feel that our country is forgotten.” To tell Europe today of her experience as an Italian abroad Emiliana Kaporo, A veterinarian, had to convince his parents – who had been recently vaccinated – to stay in Naples and forgo the first communion of their granddaughter. Caburo takes care of his girlfriend, Rosaria, who is being held in a hotel after she travels to undergo an operation. “He told me that he should ask permission the day before to be able to leave the hotel to get some air and complain about not cleaning the rooms because the facilities do not have staff equipped to work safely,” he explains without concealing his anger at what he calls “a real violation of our rights.” “They treat us like victims of the plague,” is the sad result of Caburo, who hopes to “put in place a vaccination plan for Aire members (Register of Italians Living Abroad, ed.)” As soon as possible, help Italians in the world.

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Ireland Decision

Italy entered the Dublin blacklist last Thursday. Together with the beautiful country, it’s over In the viewfinder Travelers from Austria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg, as well as from a long line from countries outside the European Union. In the first hours following the procedure, Italian authorities were amazed at what seemed, from the very first moment, to be an option without a scientific basis. Infections Make sure In the beautiful country in the past two weeks there are 338 per 100,000 inhabitants. Much less than the cases recorded in Poland (650), the Czech Republic (457), the Netherlands (593) and Sweden (796), to name a few from the European Union countries excluded from this ruling.


Sources from the Italian Embassy in Dublin clarify that the Irish government was going to make the controversial decision by looking at the parameters of the variables. They explained at the embassy: “About twenty people imprisoned in the hotel contacted us,” without specifying the actual number of Italians in forced quarantine. “Our hope – they concluded – is that the Irish government will exclude Italy from the list of countries at risk in the review of judgment” expected within the next few hours.