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Many butchers don't choose this piece of meat but they don't know it's the best

Many butchers don’t choose this piece of meat but they don’t know it’s the best

Many butchers do not choose this piece of meat but do not know that it is the best: in fact, it is the most tender and tender in relation to the palate. Every time you go to the counter, whether in the butchery section of supermarkets or at the private butcher, this piece of meat is never picked up by anyone. But many do not actually know that it is the best, because it is so tender. Only a few experts realize that this cut is the really thing to buy.

Meat quality

Meat in the supermarket is always a big question mark. Because in reality, some cuts might be present on the counter for a few days and then start changing color. Along with the color, the tenderness of the meat will also change. In fact, the cuts will be a little trickier than usual.

Body colors

In general, the color of the white flesh should be a light pink with white fat. It should also be gentle and firm with the pulp being slightly moistened. For that too pig It should be solid with white or creamy fat. On the other hand, the skin of the calf should turn a light pink color. So if the meat is dry and does not have a beautiful bright color, it is best to leave it alone because it will not be tender. Moreover, many in the butcher do not choose this piece of meat but do not know that it is the best.

Fats are the key

So we have seen the different colors that fats should have for a specific reason. Fat is a clear indication of the tenderness of the meat. In fact, if there are cuts of meat with fat and others without fat on the table, you should choose the one that contains fat because it will definitely be the softest piece.

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Then we start cooking this piece of meat and once we are done we remove the fat from the meat which will eventually be very tender.


Often a fatal mistake is made in the kitchen that regularly spoils our delicious dishes.