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5 people were injured, but it could have been a massacre

5 people were injured, but it could have been a massacre

Bolzano – Tragedy near Bolzano, an ultralight aircraft made an emergency landing in the parking lot of an Interspar supermarket in an industrial area. The final toll of the crash, whose cause is under police investigation, is that five people, including the plane’s pilot, passengers and three motorists, suffered minor injuries. As many shops are open for Saturday afternoon shopping, the outcome would have been much worse.

The two-seater ultralight took off minutes from an airfield in San Genesio, above Bolzano, while landing shortly after 2.30pm, a short distance from the South Tyrolean capital’s airport, where the plane had arrived. . According to some eyewitness accounts, the plane hit the roof of a building with its wing, then descended on the access road to the parking area of ​​the supermarket via Buozzi, where it hit a parked car and two moving cars. . At the head of the flight A 23 years old from South Tyrol, who will now be called upon to explain the dynamics of the facts and give reasons for the urgent need to land. Immediately after the crash, the rescue team and the police were brought to the scene, together with the Bolzano fire brigade, recovered the plane, which is now under arrest.

Many bystanders then reached the area, barricading their purchase to aid in the recovery of crashed planes and cars. The incident has reignited controversy over Bolzano airport, considered by many to be dangerous due to its proximity to the city. “Considering an amusement park, Interspar, McDonald’s a few tens of meters away, only sheer luck prevented the carnage. This airport is very dangerous. There are defense projects that have been neglected and there are political choices that have allowed all of this,” wrote Lives Mayor Christian Bianchi on social media. In Trentino Alto Adige, on August 26, two pilots of another ultralight aircraft managed to escape safely after making an emergency landing in the Adige River, not far from Trento Airport.

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