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Only $50,000 to go to space

Only $50,000 to go to space

Space tourism, as we all know, is Dedicated to only 1% of the population, or millionaires, because the ticket is certainly not affordable for most people. However, shortly after Jeff Bezos’ first human flight into space, because Richard Branson did not technically reach orbit, Company already intends to cut costs.

We are talking about World View ProjectsInc., based in Tucson, Arizona, which in order to cut costs of space travel, wants to send people into the stratosphere in a capsule lifted by a giant balloon.

The company’s press release stated:World View’s mission is to bring as many people as possible to the edge of space so that they can see a world without borders 30 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.Want a company that aims to reach a new audience Let more people experience the impact of the overview, a A change in the perception of astronauts When they see Earth from space.

Those who wish to use the service will gently and gradually ascend into the stratosphere with a balloon. There will be many places to start from, From the Grand Canyon to Norway, where passengers will be presented with a close-up view of the aurora borealis (by the way, according to some reports, theCan hear the northern lights).

All this at what cost? It will take 50,000 dollarsWhile the journey takes between 6 and 12 hours. The first commercial flights are expected in early 2024, according to World View Enterprises.