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Online Chess Olympics - The final match between Russia and the United States today

Online Chess Olympics – The final match between Russia and the United States today

As in the “old” days, two volumes, two worldviews or, for those who want to throw it into politics, the evil empire confronted each other against the opportunity (but that is not true …) Today the finals of the Chess Olympics face Russia and the United States.

They beat China and India respectively in yesterday’s semi-final. Last year India and Russia split shares in the finals interrupted by a sudden global downturn in the Internet (who)

Teams from the United States and Russia will fight for gold medals in the 2021 edition from 16.30 (UTC). Here for live

From the point of view Geopolitics It must be recognized that the United States has been able to break Asian dominance, despite the frequent deployment of players born or raised on the continent.

In the football line-up, the first team to advance to the final by defeating China on one of the six boards was Russia, while the United States qualified by defeating India in the tiebreak, winning each of the two regular matches.

After nearly a month of competition both teams have come into excellent form, with teams from 155 countries facing each other in a newly structured pool system, ending in a single-elimination playoff.

Before the start of the Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter of congratulations to all countries participating in FIDE’s most globally recognized chess event.

America vs India

Team USA defeated India and reached the final, not without much difficulty. The result was exceptional: after being crushed 5-1 in the first game, they regrouped and were able to win the second game 4-2, which was finally clear at 4.5-1.5 in the tiebreak Blitz.

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In the first game, Jeffrey Seong chose an interesting novelty (10 … Qxc2 instead of 10 … Qx3) against Vichy Anand in Karo-Khan’s trendy lineup. The engines weren’t thrilled, but the American was working well until he lost in the final.

The Americans made a great comeback in the second game. Jeong took revenge on Anand in a good level game, while with a bright white, he failed to play more than a draw against Ray Robson.

In the tiebreak Blitz, India decided to appoint Anand as the most dangerous player in this type of fast game, replacing Anand, who was known for his attacking prowess, while Nihan Sarin replaced Pragyananda. The United States fielded the same team that was in the second game and their strategy paid off, 4.5-1.5.

On the first board, Harikrishna did everything against Seong, but not until the young American’s counter-attack. On board two, Ray Robson switched the lead of two small pieces against a rookie against the Chancellor.

Russia vs China

Russia, the other finalist of the day, defeated China 3.5-2.5 and 4-2 in the semifinals, confirming themselves to be the only currently undefeated team and a serious candidate for the final victory.

In the first game, the first three boards ended in a draw, but Alexandra Kostenyuk – who recently won the Women’s World Cup title – won the first match of her two games against Ju Wenjoon, and until then ‘performed brilliantly in the event.

The other victory for the Russian team came from U20 junior chess board Andrei Epichenko, who won both of his games, first against Wang Shiksu B (best late play technique) and then against Xu Jihang.

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During the competition Ebicenko proved to be Russia’s biggest advantage: although he is only 19 years old, he has won almost every match with his incredibly consistent score of 2720. He can play well on the first or second board with great results.

In the second match, China overcame Hu Yifan’s victory over Alexandra Koryachkina in the first and second place in the women’s world, but with the aforementioned victories, Dostoyevsky’s attacking victory over Ding Lyon failed to win the match.