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"One or they ...".  So Letta risks one (another) exciting own goal

“One or they …”. So Letta risks one (another) exciting own goal

Conflict can be catastrophic. But, while waiting for the end, it has already complicated the picture. By restoring the center to other leaders, he gives Matteo Renzia Giuseppe Conte. The summary made in the Democratic Party is as follows: “Nomination Enrico Letta It was taken once every few weeks for Siena’s deputy to be elected to the Chamber. In a sense, it is better to elect a secretary in parliament. But he was wrong when he politicized it, and there were Renzian-like announcements about saying goodbye to politics if it failed. ” Thus the question has become purely political. The center-right, for its part, will find a strong name to create the conspiracy and try to send the Democratic secretary home with a knockout embarrassment. “The real problem is not only what the official adversaries will do, but what the allies will do, who are now the focus of Letta,” they explain. Demin Internal Sources.

A broad coalition is needed to win

The task is not easy: for a successful run it is necessary to combine the 5 star movement and the Italian Viva together. According to a poll circulated in Largo del Nazareno, the Giorgio Coalition has an advantage of about ten points, which guarantees a car election for Letta. But we must unite the two political forces that are ready to ask the Democrats for an “exclusive” choice. For the series: “We or They”. Meanwhile, both parties are raising the bar. “The difference is that Conte dropped his candidacy, otherwise he could not have followed the proceedings in the chamber well and become a political leader, while Letta made another choice …”, teasing a Pentastellato MP, referring to the distance. Anyway, at the moment, the thing is everything is in Conde’s hands. “The groups have not been informed of the strategy to be followed in Siena,” an underlined partner said. There are also those who point out: “With due respect to Letta and his aspirations, we have faced far more serious internal problems than the ambitions of the Democratic secretary to return to parliament.” In short, Grillini has other cricketers in mind and is not so interested in the Zionist story.

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Renzi plug for Letta

Italy, on the other hand, looks with interest at the evolution of Viva facts. “The game is completely handed over Stefano Scaramelli. Letta can persuade him… ”, the Renzi informed them and settled themselves from possible disputes. The strongest IV in the area, a regional councilor in Tuscany, is seen as a real voting machine that can really change the balance. But behind the scenes Renzi closely follows the talks, knowing that he can keep the Democratic leader in check, trying to keep him out of the movement. “No, a clear political line. After all, it is a known fact that we do not match Conte and the 5 stars. Letta knew it when he decided to run”, confirm IV’s evidence.

Wrong strategy

In short, a complex network that raises dissatisfaction and criticism among dem. “Letta has objectively complicated his life”, which is the reason collected “He already had a model that was being tested, and it was enough to follow an example when he was elected vice president of Qualdier (in Rome, edition). “. Moreover, this is the glow of the Democratic vice president, who said, “Letta got nothing out of this move. Victory is the minimum wage, failure is a disaster for him and the Democrats. ”