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RCS-Blackstone, New York judge leaves case: 'I have ties to the fund'

RCS-Blackstone, New York judge leaves case: ‘I have ties to the fund’

“I am dismissing this order in order to avoid suspicion of wrongdoing on the basis of certain social and other recent interactions with certain members of Blackstone,” the judge wrote in a letter.

Important news arrives regarding the New York lawsuit between RCS and Blackstone for the sale of the property via Solferino, the headquarters of Corriere della Sera newspaper. According to what Radiocore reconstructed, Judge Andrew wrestling – until a few hours ago he is the owner of the main file – he decided to take a step back and leave the case explaining the reasons for his decision in a letter sent to the General Chancellery of the Supreme Court. “I refuse this question – Judge Borock wrote – To avoid suspicion of wrongdoing based on some recent social and other interactions with certain Blackstone membersWith this letter, the judge asked the court to find an alternative:This matter is referred to the General Chancellery to be reassigned to another judge in the Commercial DepartmentTurin President Urbano Cairo also spoke about the Blackstone case during the conference to introduce new coach Ivan Juric (From here his words).

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