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Oncology, here is the new linear accelerator for radiotherapy sessions

Oncology, here is the new linear accelerator for radiotherapy sessions

Pizarro, May 29, 2024 – It was opened This morning inMoralia Hospital the new Linear acceleratorAnd Radiotherapy device. “Since January 2024, when the device went into operation – explained Director of Radiotherapy Claudio Blasi – 220 cancer patients have already been treated with a total of 500 new treatments, if other existing accelerator treatments are added.” The goal is Arrive by the end of the year To the Thousands of new treatments.

Two operational units Participation in the operation of linear accelerators: Radiotherapy And the Medical physics. Therefore, the team consists of radiation oncologists, radiology technicians, nurses and physicists. The accelerators operate every day from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm “New Linear Accelerator The cost of it – Director General of the Aste Region, Alberto Carelli, explained – 2 million and 700 thousand euros (Pnrr funds). This cutting-edge technology allows for precise and accurate distribution High doses of radiation to the targeted tumor“While preserving the surrounding healthy tissue as much as possible to limit any unwanted effects.”

Investment To buy The linear accelerator, Carelli continued, is part of a broader plan 9 million euros Dedicated to equipment. Moreover, work has recently been completed on the adaptation of a CT scan in Pesaro, which is about to be delivered, and as of next week work will begin on a new MRI that will be added to the existing machine. “He is one,” added Dr. Claudio Blasi Modern, fast and high-performance machine In the main radiotherapy techniques in the field of oncology.

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This is the project More technologically complex than the entire Ast – With advanced machines and information systems and fast, comfortable and effective response times for cancer patients, explained Dr. Monica Buono, Director of the Department of Neurosciences. Patients can be treated quickly, without interruption, even in the event of equipment failure due to the presence of two identical linear accelerators running at the same time, thus, the possibility of transferring patients from one to the other.” Dr. Bono highlights how patients are treated “The project was completed in six “Months, a record time not only for the Marche but for the whole of Italy.”

Using a metronome constribteAccording to health workers, To counteract negative movement: “Not only patients from the province but also patients from outside the region come to us – explains Dr. Blasi – we are satisfied with the work we do.” Maximum availability of the Regional Health Advisor, Filippo Saltamartini (who was present yesterday morning at the ribbon cutting, together with the Regional Advisor Nicola Baiocchi and the Director Carelli) to provide the Pesaro healthcare system with all the technologies it needs.

If there are cars At the national level that interests you – said Saltamartini – tell us: we will bring it to you. We will do everything we can in terms of techniques and finding doctors through competitions. We are proud to be in PesaroNew equipment is arriving, we are building the new hospital: I think the change will be increasingly tangible.”