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“I didn’t like his behavior, what an ass…”

“I didn’t like his behavior, what an ass…”

When they say “the world is small”. One of the most popular YouTubers in…

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When they say “the world is small”. Ilary Blasi He met in Tokyo, where he is on vacation, Cicciogamer89, one of the most famous YouTubers in Italy. The meeting was not pleasant at all. According to what the web star said on social media at the registry office Mirko AlessandriniThe presenter did not respect the queue at the Hachiko statue. Highly stigmatized behavior by Cicciogamer89.

Chiara Ferragni and Ilary Blasi are very close in the stands at Foro Italico. Pictures and smiles with fans

Cicciogamer vs. Ilary Blasi: Outrage on Social Media

“Today while I was waiting to take a photo of the Hachiko statue in Shibuya we met Ilari Blasi – the YouTuber wrote on Instagram – but frankly I did not like his behavior. I will tell you that in a video.” In another story, Cicciogamer added: “Japan is not an amusement park. Queues must be respected. It is normal for the Japanese to look at us badly. We cannot always do what we want.” We are not in Italy».

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What happened

The YouTuber then showed a video of the moment the showgirl took a photo of herself with the statue, captioning it with his girlfriend in the background: “There’s also Ilary Blasi, how rude. What a bitch. It’s not like you deserve it, we’re all in line here. When one feels, if one feels… For example, if you are in a country where things are dangerous and you have to be respectful, do you jump the line? How small does the world have to be to be in the same place with Ilary Blasi at the same time? Not that I care, and I don’t want to start a wrong path, but if we all stand in line we respect the line. We’re all human, eh.”

In conclusion, Cicciogamer published his photo with the Hachiko statue, accompanied by a comment that seems like another criticism of Ilary Blasi: «Politely respect the people who were in line».

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